September 22nd Is Restaurant Week!

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San Diego is known for many things, including sunny weather, amazing surf and an eclectic collection of shopping. The city is also a bustling hub of culinary arts and it’s about to prove its prowess in the kitchen. September 22nd will mark this year’s restaurant week in San Diego, providing the city with a taste of foods from around the world across town.

The event has an 8-day run and includes fixed price menus on a variety of dishes. This is an excellent opportunity for foodies of all experience levels and spending caps to dig in. The fixed price meals offer a chance for locals to try dishes they might consider too expensive on a regular day. There will also be specialty menus, providing restaurant regulars with unique options not usually in-house.

So far, more than 180 restaurants have signed on to show San Diego what they’ve got cooking. Most restaurants will be opening shop for two-course lunches and three-course dinners. Lunch prices will range anywhere from $10 to $20 per person, while dinner will be $20-$50 per person depending on the restaurant and menu choice.


Where Can I Eat?

There’s no one particular location to take part in the foodie fun. From Coronado to East County, Little Italy to Point Loma and Harbor Island, there are participating restaurants spread out across the city. A few of this year’s participants include La Jolla’s Red O Taste of Mexico, Coronado’s 1500 OCEAN, Uptown’s Cucina Urbana, Mission Bay’s Oceana Coastal Kitchen, and Little Italy’s Indigo Grill.

Those in the Central areas can pop by Farmer’s Bottega, while those in Northern San Diego might dig in at Decoy. There’s something for everyone, and so many restaurants to choose from, it’s likely impossible not to find a few in your neighborhood.


Getting in On the Action

While the restaurant week activities don’t require a reservation, many restaurants are strongly urging customers to call in anyway. This is a busy week for most eateries across own, and even regulars at their favorite dining establishments may have trouble getting a table for the special menus. There will be no special coupons or tickets to purchase, those who want to take part in the menus simply need to get a table at a participating restaurant and ask for the San Diego Restaurant Week menu.

Diners can expect to sample cuisine with French, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Mexican roots, to list a few. Restaurants around the city are focusing on creating an experience, not just feeding their patrons. It’s about coming together, becoming a food community, trying new things, and indulging in the special things that makes San Diego so great culturally and culinary.


If you plan on taking part in the week of tasting-fun, be sure not to fill up on bread. Some of the dessert offerings are sure to be featured in selfies for weeks to come. The official San Diego Restaurant Week site has a list of all participating restaurants, how to get there, and even a peek at some featured recipes. You can check it out at