San Diego to Be Home of New Apple Office

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Apple, already a staple in California, will be opening a new office there soon. The announcement came last week and included San Diego among a list of other townships across the state. Known for its prominent role in technological advancement and the grouping of such companies already in the area, San Diego is expected to see further evolution in the tech game throughout 2019.

Matt Sanford, San Diego’s director of economic development, voiced his opinion on the subject, suggesting that the city is open and enthusiastic about the addition of jobs which this venture will bring to San Diego. Apple has made the announcement on top of a separate decision to build a campus in Texas which will provide a minimum of 5-thousand jobs to the city. Sanford et al hope for the same boon to the southern California economy. The Austin campus is a 1-billion-dollar project, leaving San Diegans to wonder how much their future office will take to build.

The news to continue expanding the Apple offices comes with great admiration from the United States government as it brings roughly 250-bilion-dollars back onto American soil. Previously, Apple had been considering setting up new shop outside the U.S., but changed their tune due to tax cuts. Apple will be joining the likes of other major tech companies in San Diego, including Amazon, Google, and Teradata, all of whom reside within the city limits.

Expansions and Resources

San Diego might be celebrating, but they aren’t the only U.S. city to expect big changes in the coming years. Seattle, Washington and Culver City, California are about to be graced by new offices, and Apple has promised sites in Boulder, Colorado, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, New York, New York, Portland, Oregon, and Boston, Massachusetts.

The changes to the San Diego tech industry offer more than just a boost to the economy, it also supplies opportunities for University graduates to stay in their home city, rather than leaving Southern California for bigger and brighter options elsewhere. Having these tech jobs will change the way that students plan their courses and careers.

Building Near the University of California

UC is situated in a perfect space for the construction of the new Apple office, among other sites which have begun construction this year. It creates new and innovative ways for students to learn, work in co-op opportunities, and find suitable jobs upon graduation.

Apple may not be the only site opening new doors near the University of California in San Diego, but it’s one of the top contenders for careers as far as many UC students believe. Many have voiced their opinion on the addition to the area with positivity.

Watch how the latest developments with Apple unfold here and through the official Apple website. As San Diego, Austin and many other sites welcome the Apple team to their cities, it reassures the world that Apple is here to stay and the United States is playing a strong role in the success of its native tech companies.