San Diego Is About to Cash in On Amazon’s Success

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Amazon has become a leading powerhouse in the tech and ecommerce industry, and it appears that the multi-billion-dollar company is expanding in San Diego. The city is already home to approximately 200 members of the Amazon team, hosting engineers and various science majors who work within the company. The new 85,000 square-foot building in University City is going to be home to another of Amazon’s San Diego offices. This is huge news for the city as it means over 300 new job openings for locals. Campus Pointe will be buzzing with new ideas and a new focus this year as University Town Center welcomes the internet sensation to its team.

San Diego’s mayor, Kevin Faulconer has weighed in on the news and has expressed his approval on the project and a hopefully attitude that this will mean big things for the economy and the people of San Diego. This will be one of 17 different tech hubs run by Amazon across North America.


The San Diego and Amazon Partnership

Amazon already has strong roots in San Diego, as the city is known to be the birth place of some of Amazons best projects, including the development of their Whole Foods pickup project. The new hub will be a place where Amazon can operate gaming and Prime services, among others. Amazon has proven themselves a team player and has already helped bolster the American economy with their strong presence in California and across North America.

Amazon is a known supporter of the U.S. military, and hopes to further support veterans and their families in San Diego. Last year alone the company hired more than 10,000 military spouses and proud veterans to their ranks as part of a pledge made in 2016. The company hopes to hire on 15,000 more before the end of 2021, which seems like a very reasonable goal considering their early success.


Preexisting Amazon Ventures in California

The company has a rich history in California, providing nearly 40,000 jobs over the past 7-years, and this latest endeavor will bring that up to more than 70,000. This isn’t surprising considering their success in the U.S. and the response from Californians. San Diegans considering becoming part of the Amazon team can rest easy knowing that the company is still highly successful and growing each day. In fact, it’s one of the few tech companies which met all benchmarks in last quarter’s stocks, and they recently announced their stocks hitting $1-trillion-dollars, although they lost some footing later the same day.


What Does This Mean for San Diego?

Aside from more jobs and a boost to the economy, the introduction of an Amazon tech hub to the city means big things in the science and technology industry. California is already known for its involvement in many important technological advancements and partnering with Amazon once more can only increase the odds that more amazing inventions and evolutions will be born here.


Those interested in learning more about the partnership can check out the news on Amazon’s official site.