San Diego Gets New Con!

2018-09-17T16:27:05+00:00September 18th, 2018|

San Diego is home to a plethora of exciting conferences and gatherings, including its most famous, ComicCon. Now, it looks like the city might be home to one of the most fun-filled fitness conferences in America. That’s right, SweatCon is coming to town!

The SweatCon Rally is a fitness festival which lasts all day and is put on by brand names such as Reebok and Sweat Concierge. It helps promote physical fitness and connects like-minded gym-goers, runners, bikers and more, to rally together and celebrate being healthy in their community.


When, Where, Why, and What?

The conference includes live music by a DJ, sampling of different health juices, smoothies, and flavored waters, as well as a braid bar and special deals for attendees at local and online fitness stores. The welcome party takes place at NEO U Fitness, and after the party, attendees get to experience an hour and a half of 3 different workouts.

So, why attend a conference that’s going to make you work hard and sweat harder? Easy, participants are working toward a cause. For example, in NYC, the sales of con tickets are being price matched by Reebok with proceeds going to positive female empowerment charity, Jenny Gaither’s Movement Foundation. There are also prizes to be won and unique opportunities to be met. While the San Diego prize packs have yet to be announced, the NYC attendees will have the opportunity to win a day with Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev.

This will be SweatCon’s first year in San Diego, and those interested can watch the season kick off in October 6th at the NYC event before heading into Boston on October 27th and finally hitting San Diego on November 3rd.


The Creation of SweatCon

The idea for SweatCon took root in 2016 with the creation of Sweat Concierge. The company founder wanted readers to not only read about new types of fitness and training but experience it. By creating this platform for likeminded fitness enthusiasts, SweatCon opens doors to more knowledgeable exercisers, a novel take on fitness, and an unbeatable support team.

While many of the attendees of SweatCon are practiced sweaters, more than half have never been to the studios which offer the types of exercise being shared at the conference. Boutique workouts have become a thing of the modern fitness world, and they’re growing in popularity across the Eastern seaboard. People are finding new and exciting ways to work out and it’s helping America get healthy again. From dance aerobics to obstacle course marathons, exercise has become something for everyone, and it’s helping the kids of America as well, to see positive active role models in the media.


If you’re interested in SweatCon San Diego, visit Tickets for the San Diego rally go on sale October 15th, 2018, and information on partners, events, special attendees, prizes and more can be found through the official SweatCon website. With one more convention in town, San Diegans will have their hands full this year trying to figure out where to be and what to do so that they don’t miss their favorites.