Rally for Climate Change Suit Hits San Diego

2018-11-06T20:03:52+00:00October 30th, 2018|

Climate change has been a long-time concern of earth activists and “planetarians” around the globe. With so much pollution and over population drastically affecting weather and atmosphere, it’s no surprise that the world is finally beginning to take notice and take a stand. Recent rallies were held across the United States with San Diego being one of the cities at attention for this cause.

The issue has become so extreme, in fact, that there is currently a law suit being battled on the matter. U.S. Oregon district court was supposed to hear it, but then the U.S. Supreme Court stepped in, making it a much larger “to do”. The issue at hand, aside from the obvious, seems to be that the government should take the blame for much of the destruction the atmosphere has taken over the years.

Plaintiffs are alleging that the government is charged with the care and education of its people and they have not done so. By supposedly ignoring their duties and shirking the trust of the public, the government is being seen as at fault for the current crisis.


The Gathering

It’s not unusual to see San Diagans standing up for what they believe in. Peaceful protests are no stranger to the streets of any Californian city, and community members who attended the recent rally had only positive things to say about the turnout and the support of the city against the atrocities in question.

The case, which has lovingly been dubbed, “the Climate Trial of the Century”, will move forward depending on decisions made by the Supreme Court. Originally, the case was meant to be heard in 2015 and was called, Juliana vs U.S. regarding children from the age of 11 to 22 and the right to a life sustaining climate system. With climate change affecting everything from crops to tides, children of this generation and the next may not have access to such a thing.


Supporting the Environment

This wasn’t the first rally held in support of a greener future and it won’t be the last. With more than 70 taking place across America, the hope for a brighter and less wasteful future could be in the cards should the government be held accountable for their alleged crimes. Since Trumps administration stalled the proceedings, it’s difficult to say whether they will ever find the support to go ahead. For now, activists may need to work in other ways to better the planet and protect it from further damage.

Cases of this nature are a little difficult to determine from the outside. Whether there is enough evidence and precedents to support a successful outcome is yet to be seen. The case will also be unable to be proven true if it never sees a court date confirmed. It stands to reason then that these recent rallies will be the first of many where this case is concerned.


Continued support from local governments, communities, and even online groups may help push this case closer to a conclusion.