Esteemed litigator Martin Chitwood is more than just a force in the courtroom and classroom, he’s also recognized for his skill as a writer and producer. In 1989, Mr. Chitwood debuted his feature film, Unconquered, to rave reviews. The American-made film is classified as a drama, and was designed for direct to television viewing, introducing a very serious subject into the homes of citizens across the United States. The film may have been made in the 80’s but is based in Montgomery, Alabama in the year 1962.

As a philanthropist and humanitarian, it comes as no great surprise that the subject matter within Unconquered is a topic Mr. Chitwood holds dear to his heart. Based on the real-life efforts of the 1962 Attorney General of Alabama, Richmond Flowers, Sr. in the fight against 1960’s segregation policies, the film promotes courage, integrity, and positive change even when the laws dictate otherwise. The film follows Flowers’ struggle to appeal to the citizens of his town to change the laws currently being held strong by then Governor George Wallace. It stars Peter Coyote and Dermot Mulrooney as Richmond Flowers Sr. and Jr., respectively. Bob Gunton was cast as Governor George Wallace.

This undertaking saw Martin work closely with Alexandra Film Productions, Dick Lowry Productions, Double Helix Films, and CBS Entertainment Productions, through which the film was eventually distributed. Composer Arthur B. Rubenstein and Cinematographer Robert M. Baldwin also joined the team, rounding it out and providing an insightful and unique opportunity for Mr. Chitwood to experience the thrill of a large production with an ensemble behind the scenes staff.

Mr. Chitwood’s work on this film demonstrates his creative chops in an industry which is normally assumed to be rigid and straight laced. While the script is based on a true story, the artistic license taken with some of the material was left to Martin and teleplay writer Pat Conroy. The approach taken with the subject matter is unsurprising, as the motivation to change laws for the better is reflected throughout other pieces of literature Martin has published, including his book.

While no other films have been announced under the Chitwood name, his work within the film industry has developed production skills and formed a network of peers which sets Martin apart. He carries on his fight to promote change and create a legal system which benefits all Americans through his work in litigation.