Nursing Publication Award Goes to Naval Medical Center San Diego Nurses

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San Diego nurses are receiving something of an honor this year with the 2018 RDML Mary F. Hall Award for Nursing Publication. The award is being presented to Naval medical Center San Diego nurses, Comander Abigail Yablonsky and Comander Wendy Cook. Wendy Cook is a nurse corps scientist, as well as the head of the NRACI or Nursing Research and Analysis at Clinical Investigation department. Abigail Yablonsky is the primary investigator for the Naval Health Research Center’s Directorate of Military Population Health.

For Cook, the award came as a surprise and honor despite being last year’s recipient as well. She expressed happiness and pride in the two publications which won her the award for two consecutive years, suggesting that it helped to reflect the high caliber of workmanship she put into both papers.


What is the RDML Mary F. Hall Award?

Nurses in the navy don’t get half as much credit as they deserve, not only providing a necessary health service to those in need but dedicating their lives to serve their country. The RDML Mary F. Hall Award is a way to recognize academic excellence in contributing nurses who publish professional papers in their fields. Nurse scientists are few and far between, as can be noted by the numbers of nurse scientists in the navy at present. This award is a method of acknowledging and rewarding those nurses for a job well done.

The award process is a competitive one, combining applicants from across the Navy Corps to submit their recent publications in an effort to achieve the honor of the MFH award. It not only promotes the academic side of nursing in the military but is also aimed at providing more in-depth care to those in the services. NMCSD has 4 nurses currently within the science program.


Who Can Apply for The Award?

To be eligible for the RDML Mary F. Hall Award, nurses must be considered active in duty, a nurse within the department of veteran affairs, a department of defense federal civilian registered nurse, or a reservist nurse. The award is only for nurses recognized as part of the naval military, and the scientific community.

Nurses who apply must also meet additional requirements governing the body of work which is to be submitted. This encompasses type, style, and topic of publications within the scientific nursing community of San Diego. Categories for these publications include peer and non-peer reviewed works, as well as other articles deemed “scholarly” by a body of experts. Each publication is seriously considered and graded before passing the initial stages of article assessment.


Those awarded the honor are each given a letter from the Navy Nurse Corps Director, congratulating them on a job well done. They also receive a nod of encouragement through online recognition and a shout-out in the Nurse Corps Newsletter. You can learn more about the newsletter and other highlights of the award by visiting the official website for the Naval Medical Center San Diego or their news site at