Morrissey Concert in San Diego Gets Out of Hand

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San Diego is known for its diverse music scene and enthusiastic fans, but a recent Morrissey concert saw things get out of hand. Steven Patrick Morrissey, known on stage as Morrissey, or at times just “Mos” was front man for notorious band “The Smiths”. A song writer, book author, and singer, Morrissey has formed a successful following with his solo career.

Saturday night saw Morrissey playing a live show at the San Diego Symphony Hall, a hall that sees many concerts take place within the city. While Morrissey’s music isn’t known to be violent or even aggressive, the show was forced to end early when a fan got out of hand.


The Beginning of the End

The concert went off without a hitch, the hall full to the brim with excited fans. The age range for Morrissey shows is diverse, with attendees falling into the range of teenagers to seniors. His time with the Smiths as well as his solo material attracts a large mixed crowd, making for an entertaining group of followers.

The show played out as many thought it would with some of his number one songs filling the air much to the excitement of onlookers; perhaps too exciting, as some fans would note. As the encore was preparing to commence, following some enthusiasm from the crowd, a fan managed to get up on stage.

From time to time, despite security’s best efforts, fans do make it up onto the main stage. Some musicians are cool about it, while others have actually become violent themselves. In this instance, a “fan” rushed the stage, getting close enough to clock Morrissey in the face before security pulled him off and he was escorted from the premises.


The Show Must Not Go On

A video of the event went viral as only seconds after the abuser was removed, Morrissey himself was rushed from view. Once clear of the singer, the stage was rushed by many other fans, all swinging wildly and fighting. Whether this outburst of excessive violence was in retaliation and inspiration of the single blow to Morrissey, or his music simply struck a chord that night, nobody may ever know for sure.

Since the event Morrissey has issued a statement that he’s okay. He updated fans online saying, “it’s all good” regarding the incident and residual injuries. The punch, while unwelcome, didn’t seem to leave any lasting damage, making it possible for Morrissey to play again at his next venue and gig.

Will this be the end of the British singer and songwriter’s performances in San Diego? While it seems Morrissey isn’t taking anything personally as of yet, there’s no firm word on whether or not he’ll be keeping up with future California commitments. Fans are adamant that Morrissey not let this one incident tarnish his vision of the town, and so far, he seems to agree.


One thing’s for sure. He may not have planned it, but this on-stage aggressor has made Morrissey seem that much more rock-n-roll.