Flash of Light Has San Diegans Worried

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November 20th, early in the morning, San Diegans were spooked by an intense flash of light which some say even resembled an explosive fire. The flash is worrisome because of its unexplained presence over Southern California so early in the morning.

News of the flash, which was first reported at 4:30am, was immediately plastered across social media, as no official news outlet could explain the phenomenon. Californians collectively argued over what it might be and where it had come from. Many have voiced concern over the possibility that the flash was something dangerous, but there’s no reason yet to suspect anything suspicious.


Spaceships and Catastrophes

Some of the responses across social media are making internet users chuckle over the unexplained brightness, as some suggest it could be space aliens. California may not have the reputation of New Mexico as a landing and hiding place for extraterrestrial life, but it certainly has a few of its own interesting stories regarding abductions into the unknowns of space. Of course, these explanations for the flash were quickly brushed off for much more realistic origins.

While an explosion does rank in the top 10 ideas across the internet pertaining to the flash and where it came from, it leaves a few questions behind, such as where the explosion occurred and why it wasn’t reported. The most obvious reason, and perhaps the most reasonable, was a space anomaly.

Comets, stars, planets, space dust, and plenty of other intergalactic happenings cause unusual occurrences in the atmosphere every day. Most of these changes go unnoticed, but from time to time astronomical occurrences happen close enough to planet Earth for us to see them. Often times, some things, such as dying stars, aren’t seen until years after they’ve actually occurred, due to the amount of time it takes the light to reach Earth.


From Across the State

San Diego wasn’t the only city to see the streaks of light this morning. Many Californians texted, called, or posted to social media about the lights. It was seen from Phelan, Long Beach, Corona, Riverside, Chino, Orange, and other counties. News stations have made the effort to reach out to local government, hoping for an explanation. Some have even gone so far as to contact the California military bases for comment. So far, there’s no word on whether the mystery was man made or natural, or if it should be taken as a positive or negative sign.

With so much going on in the city, including the recent news of law suits and strikes from San Diego nurses at local hospitals, the mysterious lights are helping to take their minds off more serious matters, at least for some. This anomaly sure picked a good time of year to show itself, giving a show to many visitors and tourists of the city.


Will there be further comment on the flash from state officials? This has yet to be seen, but currently, there seems to be nothing to worry about and San Diego residents are recommended to go about daily activities as usual.