A member of the Writer’s Guild of America, a screenplay writer, author of a published book, and personal blogger, Martin Chitwood has his toe in a variety of industries with a focus on law. Due to his authority in so many niches, Martin is often asked to share his opinion as a guest blogger or participant on various websites across the net. Most notably is Mr. Chitwood’s contribution to, a site dedicated to nurses. Martin’s close work within the nursing community as a legal counsel has fueled publications on his own blog. His contribution in this instance was of course personal insight from his own life, providing a clear understanding of how to resolve cases revolving around false claims of domestic violence or abuse.

As a contributor Mr. Chitwood shares his vast knowledge of the law, his authority in specialty fields of law, and his personal stories regarding precedent cases and real-life testimony. As a man who has accomplished so much, many magazines, academic journals, and law schools request publication and contributions from Mr. Chitwood to help their causes, support current projects, and offer new and interesting material to ongoing collaborations.

Martin Chitwood specializes in class action suits, antitrust enforcement, private securities litigation, and law as it pertains to professionals within the medical community. His work in law has led him to co-lead in over 40-class action suits, and act as the lead trial counsel in 25 different jury trials. His efforts in securities litigation was detrimental in the success of a $490-million-dollar suit for the investors involved in the BankAmerica case, earning him the title of “Super Lawyer” from Law and Politics once again.

As an award winner and previous Special Assistant Attorney General to Georgia, Mr. Chitwood draws on years of wisdom and experience when he contributes. Recognized for his work in the field of corporate governance reform, it comes as no surprise that he has been asked to serve as lead counsel for more than one private mutual fund, a feat unheard of by most attorneys in his niche.

Those wishing to get in touch with Mr. Chitwood regarding his future contribution to a project or website may do so through his contact page. Martin is always happy to lend a helping hand to support colleagues, students, and clients in any way he can. You can also follow Mr. Chitwood’s ongoing contributions as Resident Legal Commentary for