As a leader in his field, Martin Chitwood has not only acted the part of a lawyer, but counselled others in how to achieve success in law. As a seminar leader, panelist, and academic, Mr. Chitwood has released several pieces of literature, from journal articles to a book. As an author, his work acts as a beacon to young lawyers hoping to pursue antitrust litigation and securities.

Perhaps his most esteemed publication is the book he released in 1976 called, “The Effects of the English Common Law on the Development of Commonwealth West African Legal Systems.” Published through the University of Georgia Press, the book is available as a paperback, kindle e-book, as well as an audiobook file through ecommerce giant, The unabridged audiobook is narrated by Rebekah Amber Clark, through AfterHim Media LLC., with a runtime of 56 minutes. It first became available in 2016, making Mr. Chitwood’s book more accessible than ever before.

The book has been reviewed several times on the Amazon site with a current 5-star rating. Readers have described the book as informative, compelling, and historically accurate. It’s been deemed a useful read and “required” material for those interested in learning the truth about the West African legal system, and the effects the English Common Law has had on it. Colleagues have suggested there is no better source on this topic than the materials covered within this text, and that it is as interesting as it is factual.

Martin Chitwood is also recognized for his contribution to the film industry as the writer of 1989 American drama, Unconquered. The story follows Alabama Attorney General, Richmond Flowers, Sr. and his firm stance against the segregation laws of the 60’s.

Some of the other work Mr. Chitwood has published, include articles like “Litigating the Class Action Lawsuit in Georgia”, which can be found in a 1998 publication by the National Business Institute. Articles, such as “The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 – A Synopsis”, published in 1999, and “Class Actions and Antitrust Enforcement”, published in 1998, have been used during seminars for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education.

Mr. Chitwood is also an avid contributor to online legal resources, posting blog updates and internet articles for a variety of websites. As a guest blogger, Martin contributes informative and modern pieces suitable for lawyers, students, and academics of our time. As always, his contributions are relevant and engaging.