Airport Logistics to Improve in San Diego

2018-10-08T22:26:59+00:00September 25th, 2018|

The innovation lab at San Diego International airport is trying to improve the logistics therein.  This latest effort will include a partnership between the airport and several third-party services in charge of baggage and parking. The result is hoped to be a streamlined, fast-paced, organized, and precise experience for every traveler.

So far, the companies which have come on board with the new SDIA project include Baggage Nanny, ParkConnect, Vark, TravelCar, and FreedomPark, which are all working as part of the team at the Innovation Lab to come up with a way to improve airport traffic, travel, and parking. This is a piece of a two-part project, with further expansions to follow, all aimed at increasing successful travel.

The companies will work for 16-weeks at the Innovation Lab, going over concepts to create a more conducive parking environment at the airport, including thoroughfare travel, drop off and pickup traffic, and other busy regions of the airport. Companies which are able to find a successful method will report to the Airport Authority two months from now and may be offered a permanent contract with the San Diego International Airport for their troubles.


Project Commencement

While the testing and research efforts are now in full swing, the application process for the Innovation Lab project began back in the earlier months of 2018. The team put forth the offer for companies involved in the baggage and parking industries to get involved and introduce themselves as potential candidates for the program. The underlying theme of this experiment is, of course, increased efficiency without the increased budget.

Recently San Diego International airport saw the decommissioning of a commuter terminal, which spurred the decision to bring in some additional help. Rich Belliotti, director of innovation and small business development through Airport Authority has commented on the project, discussing his hopes to see some successful ideas come out of the project.


Ideas on the Go

So far, companies like FreedomPark and Vark have opted to implement a more streamlined valet service, while ParkConnect is on board with a scheduled parking service, which could involve reserved parking for high profile travelers. Baggage Nanny is also plotting some helpful changes with an offer for storage and delivery of passenger luggage, something which has been sorely lacking at the airport in the past and could be considered a highly lucrative income-centric project.

While the airport has quite the team on board with present companies included, it appears the Innovation Lab is already on the lookout for more ideas and brands to hop on board. A second group of innovators are being invited to take part in March 2019, with a more consumer driven approach this time around. The team hasn’t specified what issues will be addressed in the next round of testing, but if the first group can be used as a reference point, travelers can expect to see some serious improvements to their travel at the San Diego International Airport over the coming few years.


Keep your eyes peeled for more news on the airport and its improvements this March.